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In a Rut

So here I am, writing at 8pm, finally using that 'golden dust' of free evening time, rather than falling asleep. I've discovered that one trick to keep myself awake is to grab the laptop as soon as Isaac is asleep and thus take advantage of the 'backlight' or whatever they call it, which helps you to stay awake. A tip for all mums with toddlers/babies who want to stay awake (especially after nursing) and grab some free time.
One thing I want to write about is being in a bit of a rut. Another thing is not spending enough quality time with Grace. And I think the two are linked.
So, after my recent surge of inspiration to get organised, I find myself in a rut. I've somewhat exhausted the supply of Youtube videos out there which tackle organisation, or perhaps I've overdosed on them. Either way, I'm not sure how many more I can watch which will give me more and exciting new tips. I'm finding it suddenly harder to stick to my resolve to be more organised a…

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