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As Gracie approaches her third birthday, I am starting to witness her getting pretty clever at procuring what she wants. I'm getting used to phrases like 'Mummy would you like an ice lolly?' or 'Mummy, would you like another ice lolly'? in order to get a first/second helping of something she fancies. But this week we've started to reach new levels. We stayed with some good friends in Leeds this weekend, who have a baby girl of one and a little boy of four, Claire and Aidan. Gracie was pretty excited to see them and a good time was had by all. Anyway, it got to Saturday night and it was bedtime. I thought Gracie would crash and burn at 7, since she'd dispensed with her midday nap. Flying in the face of expectation, she got a second wind and at 8.38pm was still going strong. As we were reading one of the - final - storybooks, in the hope of using a monotone so strong she would drift off (I was good at that, as I'd been a teacher), she asked me what a part…

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